Clean Beauty Collective is betting on ethanol-free fragrances with a collection of eight water-based perfumes - Clean Reserve H2Eau [1].

Long-lasting and hydrating

The new collection builds on a micro-emulsion technology developed in partnership Japanese fragrance house Takasago. Dubbed Hydro-Tec, the technology enables the stable mixing of fragrance oil and water resulting in a fragrance that is long-lasting. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, the formulation was extensively tested in the lab and in the field. According to Clean Beauty Collective, consumer research results show a positive user experience with 88% of consumers calling it “game changing”.

Thanks to this technology, the collection avoids the usual flaws of water-based fragrances that, historically, have been tacky on the skin and have lacked longevity.

Clean Reserve H2Eau’s formulation approach is not only long-lasting, but also gentle enough for sensitive skin, absorbing quickly, and leaving skin smooth and hydrated without irritation,” claims Clean Beauty Collective, which has the exclusive on Takasago’s Hydro-Tec for two years.

Eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing

According to the company, the line is packaged in sustainable, recyclable materials and is manufactured in solar powered facilities. The cap is made in Spain from sustainable wood, the glass bottle is fully recyclable and the fragrances are derived from responsibly sourced sustainable ingredients through selected partners that “give back to the local farmers and their communities.

Clean Reserve H2Eau is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability. It represents a leap forward in clean fragrance technology, demonstrating that luxury and environmental responsibility can coexist harmoniously," said Clean Beauty Collective’s CEO, Greg Black.

Available exclusively at and the line will roll out in more than 250 Sephora U.S. doors on December 26.