For its 2019 suncare range, Clarins presents an on-the-go compact that stands out for its innovation. For its development, the brand engaged in a close collaboration with Texen Beauty Partners.

With its tinted formula whose fluid and light texture ensures a dry, velvety finish and its beige shade, the range offers every skin type a luminous, glowing complexion and protects from the sun and free radicals.

The compact case slips easily into the purse to allow on-the-go touch ups. With its screen-printed décor, the case contains a mirror inside its lid and a tray to deliver the formula and apply it using the PU sponge provided. The compact is made from injected ABS, which offers perfect compatibility with the cream formula.

A foolproof patent

In order to respond to the brand’s demand for a pack that provides optimum formula protection, is easy to fill and practical to use, Texen Beauty Partners chose to work exclusively with a Korean supplier. The manufacturer developed a patented airless system based on an inverted piston that descends to deliver the cream, the opposite mechanism from typical airless dispensers. On top of offering absolute protection for the formula, this system also increases the restitution rate.

Another subtle element in the pack’s favor is how easy it is to fill for the brand: the compact is delivered in two parts, so the base can be filled before clipping on the obturator.

Optimum hygiene

The compact was designed to offer the most hygienic use possible:

- The label positioned over the orifice through which the formula is delivered ensures it cannot be tampered with before opening.
- The smooth, wide distribution tray allows the formula to be picked up easily and cleanly.

In line with the brand’s brief, Texen Beauty Partners developed a PU sponge applicator coated with an impermeable TPU film that allows the formula to be applied without wastage and is easily cleaned.

As such, the pack offers several advantages; on top of its hygiene credentials, it is airtight, offers optimal formula restitution and is practical and easy to use thanks to its mini-format, which houses 11.5ml of product.