Dr Stuart Fraser, Business Development Manager, has extensive technical experience in polymers and related fields and will play a major role in Clarifoil’s technical support service. Stuart will work with partners to develop new applications for Clarifoil’s biodegradable [1] films as well as assisting customers to develop new packaging products.

Marion Bauer, Marketing Manager, will develop multi lingual website facilities supporting Clarifoil’s sales and service in Europe, North and South America and Asia where Clarifoil is addressing expanding markets in China, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Marion’s background is in international high-tech B2B marketing and she’s worked both in Germany and the UK.

In parallel, Clarifoil have released a new collection of free samples of their range of films for lamination uses. The sample swatches are available free on demand to specifiers and designers in the printing and packaging sectors. Clarifoil lamination films provide a range of special effects on printed surfaces, enhancing brand appeal and functional performance including anti counterfeiting devices.

As far as sustainable development is concerned, Clarifoil holds EN 13432 and ASTM D 6400 biodegradibilty accreditation and Home Compost Standard accreditation.

Clarifoil also produces Clarisol, a range of cast water soluble polyvinyl alcohol PVOH films. Clarisol film is ideal for production of single-dose sachets and capsules for liquid and powder products - detergents, fabric conditioners, agro-chemicals and water treatment products.