Specialty chemicals manufacturer Clariant has opened of a new Active Ingredients Unit in France with aim to expand its portfolio of specialty formulation ingredients for skin care, hair care and body care applications.

"We are committed to making our company a top player in the field of Active Ingredients. Clariant already possesses key elements vital to supporting this market, such as trusted partnerships with key players in this industry, unique access to natural cosmetic ingredients and strong experience in formulating products for personal care. The newly established expert team and state-of-the-art facilities add the vital missing ingredients to steer this business successfully,” said Ernesto Horikoshi, Global Head of Active Ingredients at Clariant.

The new Active Ingredients Unit was born quietly on January 1, 2017 in new facilities located on the Sanofi BioParc in Toulouse, France. The French southern city was chosen in particular because of the area’s active focus on biotechnology and proximity to potential development partners and players in the cosmetics industry.

The team’s priorities will be to extend Clariant’s existing portfolio of naturally-sourced products from BioSpectrum and Beraca with the future development of novel nature-inspired active ingredients. It has at its disposal pharmaceutical industry-standard laboratories for skin biology studies and testing, and biochemical laboratories where the focus will be on synthesizing unique outperforming molecules for unmet consumers’ needs.

With the Active Ingredients Unit, Clariant now has a flexible start-up capable of rapidly launching active ingredient innovations to meet the highly-specialized product development needs of Personal Care brands, formulators and end consumers,” added Christian Vang, Global Head of Business Unit Industrial & Consumer Specialties (BU ICS) at Clariant.