Clariant, a Switzerland-based manufacturer and supplier of chemical specialities, carries on its research and development on alternatives to parabens, with the aim to help decreasing the quantity of preservatives in cosmetic products. In a context of strong concerns in Europe regarding the impact on these substances on human health, Clariant’s strategy seems consistent with the market demand.

Renewable raw materials

Nipaguard Zero, Clariant’s new range of preservative blends, is based on Velsan SC (INCI name: Sorbitan Caprylate), a synergistic booster developed by Clariant and made from renewable and natural raw materials. Velsan SC enables using a reduced amount of preservatives while providing reliable protection against bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

According to Clariant, the Nipaguard Zero range “provides broad-spectrum preservation, is easy to use, safe and effective at low concentrations and also meets major regulatory requirements.

Four different blends

The four products in the range, all based on Velsan SC, are: Nipaguard SCE, Nipaguard SCM, Nipaguard SCP and Nipaguard SCV. The four Nipaguard Zero blends can be used in rinse-off and leave-on applications, wet wipes and difficult-to-preserve formulations, including an Ecocert approved option.

We understand the challenges that our customers face, in finding a safe and reliable preservative for their formulations, while navigating the frequently changing trends, regulations and requirements. We work with our customers to provide solutions to these challenges that are innovative, sustainable and effective to deliver confidence in preservation,” said Anu Desikan, Global Marketing Manager for Personal Care at Clariant.