Plantasens OP 95, Clariant’s new natural-derived, readily biodegradable opacifier, was designed to support personal care formulators in minimizing the impact of shampoos, conditioners, handwashes and other rinse-off shower and bath products on marine and river life.

According to Clariant, the new ingredient is a microplastic-free option which delivers powerful opacifying performance even at low concentrations, for a creamy white appearance with luxurious, caring consumer appeal for shampoos and liquid soaps. Plantasens OP 95 is an alternative to the most traditionally-used opacifiers, which are not biodegradable, are considered as microplastics and will therefore be banned in rinse-off formulations if restrictions take effect as expected in 2022 [1].

Because rinse-off formulation ingredients will usually end up in waterways and oceans, providing readily biodegradable solutions to this cosmetics sector is an important focus of our product development,” comments Hermann Bach, Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Clariant BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties. “This 95% natural origin, microplastic-free opacifier extends options for developing more environmentally-compatible Personal Care. By answering formulators’ needs on multiple fronts, it enables an easy switch from water-dispersible acrylate copolymers without compromising on visual appeal.

Plantasens OP 95 offers formulators an easy-to-use, sulfate-free drop-in solution for opacifying a wide range of hair and body care applications and for supporting eco-conscious consumer behaviour. It also helps to reach ideal viscosity without adding rheological agents, which means less formulation complexity.