Clariant will turn the spotlight on its "Touch of Nature" line of biopolymers at the forthcoming In-Cosmetics in Barcelona.

Like many specialists in specialty chemicals, Clariant is riding the wave of natural which is driving the cosmetic industry and is striving to meet a growing demand for natural ingredients with a range of biopolymers "Touch of Nature" launched in 2011.

Resulting from a partnership agreement signed six months ago with the Belgian company KitoZyne, which is very active in the field of bio-refinery, the range consists of three functional and natural polymers: Vitipure®, Velsan® and Zenvivo®. "These are natural ingredients that moisturise, repair, protect the skin and hair and are extremely well tolerated", said Ralf Zerrer, in charge of Clariant’s marketing strategy in the BU Industrial & Consumer Specialities.

Vitipure®, a vegetal based patented complex of Beta glucan and chitin, claims being a unique solution for complete skin repair. No less than five clinical trials and three in vitro tests were conducted to establish its protective and repair effects on the skin, of reduction of wrinkles and of improvement of the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

As for Velsan®, it is a functionalized chitosan succinamide which has a silicone-like natural feel, and very good spreading properties. It is recommended to improve the smoothness of the skin and reduce tackiness. Unlike silicones, it also acts as a foam booster.

Finally, third in the range, Zenvivo®, is according to Clariant, the only vegetal-based chitosan polymer whose performances are equivalent to animal-based chitosan. It has good moisturising and good anti-microbial proprieties and forms a supple film. This ingredient is available in two grades according to the desired molecular weight. The Vitipure® and Zenvivo® materials are Ecocert certified.