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Citróleo: A natural active for protection against invisible enemies

While safety and protection are becoming the new buzz words of the post Covid-19 era, Brazil’s Citróleo is launching AlphaShield, a 100% natural, biodegradable active produced through “a powerful synergy of certified and exclusive essential oil components”, obtained from sustainable sources.

AlphaShield is a 100% natural, biodegradable active wth a germicidal and...

AlphaShield is a 100% natural, biodegradable active wth a germicidal and antiseptic action.

Protecting human life has never been more important in this pandemic moment, that’s why Citróleo Group sought inspiration in nature to bring a new 100% natural active to the personal hygiene market. Powerful in germicidal and antiseptic action, it is an excellent sustainable, safe and effective option to fight invisible enemies” states Flávia Jesuino, Marketing Manager of Grupo Citróleo.

Alphashield was tested against strains of gram-positive bacteria, although its components also exhibit action against gram negative and viruses, and distinct strains of fungi.

According to Citróleo, results show “a significant and satisfactory reduction” of strains. Used in an antibacterial spray for the body, Alphashield in a concentration of 0.5% has been shown to be effective in reducing the growth of viable bacteria, moulds, and yeasts, acting with as a multifunctional preservative and main active ingredient.

The botanical complex that makes up Alphashield, provides this active with a powerful and exclusive mechanism of germicidal action, quickly eliminating (within one minute) 99.99% of germs (gram positive and negative bacteria and fungi), in addition to also inhibiting their growth,” adds Rafaella Tomazini, Technical Marketing Analyst at Grupo Citróleo.

Even though it is composed only of selected essential oils, Alphashield is stable over a wide range of pH and temperature, and can be incorporated in several bases, including systems with a high alcohol content.

Citróleo therefore considers Alphashield as a new natural alternative to conventional bactericides, such as triclosan.

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