As Make-up in Paris is returning at the Carrousel du Louvre on October 20th and 21st, Italian-based makeup supplier Chromavis will present "Materia", a new patented concept of sustainable make-up, which is 100% natural and plastic free. Materia has been selected by the jury of MakeUp in Paris Innovation Awards as one of the most innovative product concepts of 2021.

In addition, Chromavis brings will bring their newest innovations at the show through two magnificent collections that portrait two different cosmetic approaches:

 the “New Vibes” collection, which portraits a “mind-free” line with a wide range of essential formulas and special visual effects on powders and lipsticks focusing on performance, beauty and high personality. The new concept combines glow, undone make up, dewy pop finishes and special metallic effects, as well a new range of talc free powders. At MakeUp in Paris, this collection will be presented through a virtual make-up tour tool where clients can navigate the pictures of the collections, rotating them 180° and zooming deeply allowing a perfect vision of the product applied on the model’s face.

 the “Rich Simplicity” collection, which focuses on a Credo compliant Blacklist. It is a super clean “crossover” in between make up and skin care. The key word of this collection is “functionality”: each formula contains specific active ingredients for dedicated attention to certain areas of the complexion. Very technical and selected ingredients are at the base of this formulas that keep in common the goal of taking care of the skin, while enhance its pure radiance and beauty.