In a context of increasing global demand for seaweed extracts, Gelymar, a Chilean supplier of carrageenans (a family of linear sulphated polysaccharides that are extracted from seaweeds) and hydrocoloids, has entered into a commercial and development agreement with Eviagenics, a French company focusing on developing natural and sustainable products and solutions for the food and personal care industry, including innovative high value molecules like flavour, biopolymers or anti-oxidants.

Sustainable natural resource

Seaweed extracts address today’s environmental concerns, they only need natural seawater to grow and adapted exploitation techniques can avoid any negative environmental impact.

Red algae Asparagopsis taxiformis © Jean-Pascal Quod /

Red algae Asparagopsis taxiformis © Jean-Pascal Quod /

Chile is probably the most strategic place worldwide when it comes to seaweed resource. With over 6,000 kms of coast, Chile benefits from the world largest raw material bio-diversity fed by the pristine and nutrient rich water coming from the Antarctic Ocean,” explains Gelymar.

According to Gelymar, Europe is the most important market for seaweed extracts.

Through the partnership with Eviagenics, Gelymar intends to strengthen its position in Europe and develop altogether differentiated and exclusive solutions based on new sustainable technologies for the food and personal care industry.