Katsutaka Hattori, CEO

Katsutaka Hattori, CEO

Premium Beauty News - Eighteen years ago when the company was created, it specialized in the production of eyeliners.

Katsutaka Hattori - Yes ! Since our founding, in 1996, we have endeavoured to create the BEST in cosmetics and cosmetic packaging, and are particularly proud of our eyeliner and eyeliner packaging. We have now many formulations for pen-type liquid eyeliner, and can also create an eyeliner to the specifications of our customers. We produce packaging for pen-type liquid eyeliners for every woman’s convenience and preference.

Further, we have also a wide selection of basic skin care line packaging, as well as complete colour cosmetics packaging, including lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, nail polishes, mascaras, foundations, concealers, and tattoo colours.All of our containers are sold with or without inks as finished products. We have worked hard to develop inks which are greatly compatible with our packaging systems and our inks are highly recommended to be used with our packaging products.

Premium Beauty News - One of the strong points that you put forward concerning your eyeliners is their formula.

Katsutaka Hattori - Our eyeliner contains carbon black (pigment) which is approved by the US FDA. High technical polymer formulation dries rapidly without blur. Thanks to the characteristics of pigment, recoating is unnecessary.

Among the main advantages of our formula:

- High-molecular weight polymer realizes instant adhesion and coating.
- It stays on even when exposed to sweat, sebum and water.
- The solid line will stay on for 24 hours but can be taken off easily.
- It doesn’t require removers or cleansing lotions.
- It can be removed easily without damaging the eyelids.

Premium Beauty News - The “health” aspect for the skin and eyes is an essential part of your approach.

Katsutaka Hattori - Absolutely! Standard eyeliners have been utilizing dye which is easy to formulate. Caused by the characteristics of dye, repeating usage causes spotty skin and dullness. This results to dullness and one of the aging phenomena. Since our eyeliners never utilize the dye, it is an epoch-making eyeliner which does not use dye for skin. Our eyeliners have been utilizing only safe pigments for make up on the skin.

Among the other advantages of our eyeliners range is their ability to be easily removed. As for the standard water-proof eyeliner, the disadvantage is that it takes time to wash off and damage the eyelids. Rubbing friction with remover, cleansing cream and lotion destroys your muscle fibre. Our product adopts special polymer soluble in warm water with beauty soap and facial cleansing lotion. Resistant to water, sweat and tears, but easy to wash off.

Premium Beauty News - You have just got started in the production of mascaras. A feature of your group, the mastery of formulas.

Katsutaka Hattori - Yes, at present we succeeded the development of mascaras using special silk powder which always have been requested. The special powder is a kind of protein included in fine silk that is harmless to human body and friendly ingredient. Miraculous harmony of silk powder and mascara created a marvellous mascara.

Premium Beauty News - What is your business strategy for the coming years?

Katsutaka Hattori - The Japanese market represents about 50% of our market, which is a lot. Exports sales are dominated by the U.S. market with over 70%. It is clear that our expertise can be of interest in many other parts of the world, especially France.