The new primary packs of Chanel’s "Le Volume", "Le Volume Révolution" and "Le Volume Stretch" mascaras will now contain a share of post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminium of between 10% and 20%, depending on the decor models.

Long-term work

This achievement is the culmination of several years of research into the use of recycled aluminium in the packaging of luxury cosmetic products. Since 2018, Chanel, g.pivaudran and Constellium have led a number of trials in this area.

According to g.pivaudran, the purpose of these trials was to remove three main uncertainties: the technical capacity of recycled aluminium to be transformed by deep stamping; the behaviour and aesthetic output following anodization; the ability to maintaining the quality of the decoration.

The challenge of creating an object, which already has a high degree of technical complexity and uses deep stamping on standard aluminium, whilst perfectly respecting the exacting quality standards of Chanel was met with success. The technical and quality-assurance teams approved the results, rewarding the intensive work carried out in advance by our teams through a number of trials,” said g.pivaudran in a statement.

Three new formats

The green light from the Chanel Parfums Beauté packaging quality teams made it possible to launch the production of three new mascaras incorporating recycled aluminium for a lower environmental footprint.

We would like to thank Chanel who has allowed us to support it in a strategy which so befits out own image, and which we will continue,” said Marc Pivaudran, CEO of g.pivaudran.

Indeed, a host of other initiatives are currently being led with Chanel Parfums Beauté which will be unveiled throughout 2024.