Jean-Louis Schöller and Olivier Vinot, co-founders of CED Cosmetics

Jean-Louis Schöller and Olivier Vinot, co-founders of CED Cosmetics

CED Cosmetics has positioned as a brand consulting partner for the best-adapted distribution. “We aim to act as the local subsidiary they do not have and make suggestions about their expansion strategy and all the animation and communication actions it involves, so that they can last,” says co-founder Jean-Louis Schöller.

Naturalness, sustainability, price

To select these brands, CED Cosmetics founders Jean-Louis Schöller and Olivier Vinot defined a first criterion: “It has to be love at first sight, we need to have a feeling for the brand,” explains Jean-Louis Schöller. The following criteria have to do with compliance with French regulations, multilingual packs, an affordable price - no more than 10% higher than the source market - and of course, the products need to be trendy.

Naturalness definitely prevails today. Yesterday, it was the formula that was targeted, tomorrow, people will also focus on the pack. Sustainable packaging is a trend that is not fully exploited yet, compared to the expectations of the Millennials generation. Consumers want brands to be more innovative as regards packaging and material recycling. That’s why we focus our research on this aspect, now,” he explains.


Right now, CED Cosmetics counts 25 brands in their portfolio, including Dr Bronner’s, OGX, Maui, Herbacin, Ikoo, The Humble Brush, Real Techniques, PureHeals, Adopt - for Benelux – and CoLab Dry Shampoo.

We provide an added value in the sense that some of the brands we unearth are far away, in Korea or in the US. Today’s consumers really search for talented, original brands. They want differentiating products, and they are fond of our own, in particular in supermarkets, because they can always get a premium extra,” adds the CEO.

Mass distribution, selective perfumery, parapharmacies, department stores, drugstores and concept stores, organic stores… CED Cosmetics works with all channels to get more opportunities and put these new brands on the same level as the many players already on the French market. “Overall, we have always managed to make our brands settle on retail markets. Also, sometimes we launch them on exclusive terms at only one retailer. Brands are willing to stand out,” concludes Jean-Louis Schöller.