Isabelle Legallicier

Isabelle Legallicier

Premium Beauty News - Who are you?

Isabelle Legallicier - We are specialized in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics for Prestige brands. The goal is to offer our customers a range of customised services such as formulation, regulation, manufacturing and packaging. We have two manufacturing plants, one in Acquigny in Normandy on an area of 118,000 sq ft which has 20 automated and manual packaging lines to manufacture high-end products, with "Haute-Couture" finishes. The second site, in Echemiré near Angers on a production area of 49,500 sq ft and which hosts 8 automated and manual packaging lines to also manufacture products with exceptional finishes.

Premium Beauty News - But it does not only concern filling operations, since you can also manufacture and pack complex products!

Isabelle Legallicier - Absolutely! Our perfume labs manufacture alcohol solutions (from the automated maceration of 100 to 10,000 litres, to continuous sealing/filtration and colouring) with an annual capacity of 2.56 million litres. We work from the development of the project to the industrialization of the product. Our 28 automatic lines are scalable to any packaging operations and shape the most creative packaging. Thus, beyond traditional formats, We are able to work with the most unusual packaging shapes such as diamonds, trapezoids and spheres, to which we give a cellophane finish, providing more than mere protection. We can also say that we are real experts in high-end finishes. Our workshops are skilled in the art of baudruchage and gold threading, giving bottles the finest possible decorative effects. Moreover, in our cosmetics department, we also manufacture a wide range of beauty care and hygiene products in all dosage forms. The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Industrial processes of this unit are annually recognized compliant with the Ecocert standards and have been awarded the labels Nature & Progrès, Cosmebio, they are FDA approved and have received the Santé Canada certification.

Premium Beauty News - End of last year, you decided to create a "Haute-Couture Studio"!

Isabelle Legallicier - We always wanted to position ourselves as a leading partner. This new "Haute-Couture Studio" intends to bring our customers’ creations to life by working on small series and highly sophisticated products with qualified personnel and appropriate techniques. The aim of this workshop is to respond specifically to each packaging operation. It has been equipped with cutting edge equipment and is backed up by our proven expertise, including the control of production costs. The industrial concept consists of four points:

- A workshop divided into several sections: filling, wrapping and packing.
- A flexible process to suit each product.
- 38 people with specific skills and talents.
- Custom finishes (knots, baudruchage, crystal handling...).

Premium Beauty News - But that’s not all! You also created "ProdOnline".

Isabelle Legallicier - This is a personalized online service to enable a perfect production management. This portal provides, via a simple Internet connection, easy real-time tracking of the status of each order. This is a secure, personalized and friendly service which of course provides consistent time savings and convenient management by enabling each client to quickly access relevant information for optimal monitoring of inventory, deliveries, orders and production scheduling.

Premium Beauty News - Third strong point, your "CCI R&D" department.

Isabelle Legallicier - In fact, CCI R&D is exclusively dedicated to Regulatory Affairs and Development. This Development laboratory can respond to the most elaborate briefs. From traditional cosmetics to themed cosmetics, we create all types of ranges for men, women, children and babies. And in addition, our Regulatory service will assist our clients, from the development to the marketing of their products, whatever the geographical area. Finally, in partnership with our expert toxicologist, we also insure product cosmetovigilance.

Premium Beauty News - The opportunity to recall the regulatory deadline of July 11, 2013!

Isabelle Legallicier - Absolutely, because each brand, being responsible for placing on the market, must undertake the electronic registration of its cosmetics no later than July 11, 2013. May I recall that this procedure, made mandatory by the European Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, concerns cosmetics available for sale, as of 11 July 2013, in one of the 28 member states, whatever their original date of commercialization. The aim of this obligation is to:

- Harmonize the legislation across member states thus allowing the free movement of cosmetic products on the European market.
- Ensure consumer protection.
- Reduce bureaucracy and company costs.

Hence, our task is:

- To assist our customers in managing these new requirements.
- To organize the notification.
- To undertake the electronic registration.

By launching this new regulatory service, we offer our customers our expertise in cosmetic regulations and their developments. By outsourcing electronic notifications, each customer can fulfil his obligations in complete peace of mind.