The Italian company Cartografica Pusterla whose historical factory (100 million folding cases per year) and headquarters are located inVenegono Inferiore,near Milan, has just taken over the French manufacturer of assembled cases, Cartonnages Cazelles, located in Cherré near Le Mans ( EUR 9 million in turnover, 55 staff).

Thanks to this acquisition, the Italian group headed by Mr. Giuseppe Meana sees its consolidated turnover jump to 36 million euros for a total of 240 staff.

Cartografica Pusterla consolidates its position in France where it already owned the company Coffrets Créations specialized in the production of covered cases, whose plant in Oradour-sur-Glane offers an annual production capacity of over 5 million cases of the automatic and semi-automatic type, as well as their possible packaging.

What is interesting, says Giuseppe Meana, is the perfect synergy between the two companies regarding their clients. In addition Cazelles also has a good mastery of thermoforming. Take two medium-sized companies, the meeting of the two makes a solid entity.

The Cartografica Pusterla group also operates in Romania with the company Dacica Teca established in 2004, to meet growing demand for hand-made cases.

The assembly workshop in Bucharest offers a reduction of risks and time linked with the development of the products. Our organization has no intermediates and the whole phase dedicated to product study and development is provided by our technical and commercial teams, French or Italian,” Giuseppe Meana adds.

Mr. Giuseppe Meana, Cartografica Pusterla

Mr. Giuseppe Meana, Cartografica Pusterla

However, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards, the production phases requiring high technological content (offset printing, hot stamping, embossing) are still performed at Cartografica Pusterla. “The capacity to achieve the pilot lot production at Coffrets Création reduces or eliminates, for our clients, the need for long and expensive trips”.

The other assset ographic proximity: Bucharest is only 2 / 3 hours flight from Milan or Paris and 4 / 7 days of road transport".