In this period during which the expectations in terms of sanitary protection are becoming more stringent day by day, Carestia has adapted its production tool to the manufacture of sanitary solutions and the development of specific applications aimed at beauty brands as well as companies and shops in all sectors…

To be tailored-made, individually or as part of branded promotional kits, these products are 100% recyclable and exclusively made in France.

Desktop screens

Available in several standard sizes or made to order, with added embellishment upon request, these translucent protections are made of 100% recyclable PP (1 mm) and are easy to clean. Light to carry, these screens can be placed on a desk to preserve a workspace, in a meeting room, in a reception area, or in an enclosed area such as a vehicle.

Offered in the form of stickers, the embellishment can be used to broadcast a message or to convey a company’s identity while maintaining the transparency of the room.

The "green mask", 100% recyclable and customizable

Designed for the general public, there masks are able to filter 100% of particles larger than 3 microns. Made of paper (with or without elastic), they are 100% recyclable. Promotional items or sold in sanitary kits, these protections are printable and customizable. Carestia offers the option to perfume the set of paper straps on demand. (Sold flat by 50 units with an assembly instructions).

An alternative to plastic gloves

Ideal in public transportation, public places, but also to avoid direct contact with the shopping cart, Carestia has designed this single-use handle in recyclable and customizable cardboard.

“It has an antibacterial and anti-virucidal varnish that reduces germs by 99.99%, according to tests carried out by an independent body under the ISO 22196 standard,” says Carestia. Activated by light and oxygen, the antimicrobial effect is long-lasting and without any health risk.