Carestia, a division of Arcade Beauty Group focusing on fragrance blotters et scented papers, has added a new die-cutting tool that will shorten turn-around time, reduce waste and increase accuracy for high-precision fittings.

The new tool handles cutting, kiss-cutting, creasing, blanking, perforating, debossing and embossing. It will enable Carestia to provide customers with innovative die-cut systems for the creative finishing of printed material, blotters, folding boxes, envelopes and sample cards.

We are always pushing the boundaries of best-in-class cutting technology,” said Marie-Hélène Marcelli, of Carestia Arcade Beauty. “This new tool will provide great cutting accuracy with less waste that comparable methods. And by eliminating the need for blanking and perforating tools, we are able to reduce set-up time and speed turn around for our customers.

The new technology, which was added in September, can be used for both low and high volume projects. In addition to improving the die-cutting aspect rendition, it makes possible debossing on large areas, such as the matching of a fabric grain.

By adapting tools rarely used in the paperboard or printing industries, Carestia was able to “push the boundaries of traditional cutting techniques to achieve unprecedented levels of finesse and precision.” The company’s reputation is based on its know-how, founded on innovation, a rigorous selection process for materials, the quality of production and the accuracy of the olfactory reproduction.