With sustainability being a main concern for perfumery and cosmetics brands, how do we ensure the most striking design while incorporating sustainable materials or solutions?

 Focusing on circular economy, how do we collect and integrate PCR (post consumers recycled) materials back into the manufacturing process for a full circular innovation?

 Focusing on design, how do we keep the best design and functionality with recycled materials? Can we achieve the same aspect, quality while guaranteeing compatibility with the formula?

In an exclusive webinar powered by Premium Beauty News, Dow - the maker of SURLYN -will unveil on to embark on a sustainable journey with the famous resin without compromising on high quality.

When? November 19th 2020 at 3pm (Paris time) or 2pm (London time) or 9am (New York time)
How long? 1 hour (including 15 minutes of Q&A)
Where? 100% online

Content & speakers:

 Design, luxury and sustainability? Thierry de Baschmakoff, Designer
Appealing designs enabling recyclability. Is there any restrictions with sustainable materials that potential offer a different finish and quality then virgin materials?

 PCR: How does mechanical recycling works? Does everything gets collected and recycled? Mark Lagenhof, Packaging recycler, Morssinkhof-Rymoplast Group

 Recycled & recycling: Upcoming technologies to enable a circular journey for SURLYN. Shouhaib Mohamed Marketing Manager & Natacha Bitinis Senior Technical Scientific & Development Specialist at Dow