Previously known for rebalancing intimate flora, Calybiota® Bio reinforces its "well-being" focus with new results for the axillary flora.

The deodorant market is booming. It is forecasted to reach USD 119.24 billion by 2030, growing by 5.58 % over the period 2023 to 2030 [1]. The “skinification” trend in deodorant is real, with differentiation based on ingredient quality, naturalness and, above all, efficacy.

Globally, natural claims in deodorants have been rising year on year. With the emphasis on natural ingredients, another point to consider is sustainable sourcing and the impact on biodiversity when cultivating and processing such ingredients.

That is why Calybiota Bio meets market demand: a 100% natural and COSMOS-certified active ingredient, with sustainable sourcing and, above all, proven efficacy in vitro & ex vivo.

Calybiota Bio is the perfect opportunity ingredient to develop natural deodorant formulations that respect and support a healthy equilibrium of the axillary microbiome.

Skin microbiota & axillary flora

The skin is colonized by billions of bacteria that participate in the regulation of immunity and barrier functions, preserving the microbiota homeostasis are essential to maintain a healthy skin.

The number of bacteria and their diversity guarantee this balance and proper functioning of the skin’s microbiota. When these parameters change, dysbiosis (imbalance) occurs and undesirable bacteria can colonize the skin, reducing its barrier function against aggression.

This imbalance is at the root of a number of well-known dermatological problems and pathologies, such as perspiration odours, acne, atopic dermatitis…

Concerning the human axillary region, the two predominant bacterial species presents are Staphylococci (such as S. epidermidis), known as mostly skin-friendly species and Corynebacteria (in particular C. xerosis and C. striatum), which are responsible for unpleasant odors [2].

In-vitro studies showed that Calybiota Bio reduces the unpleased axillary odors, with a significant inhibition of the C. xerosis adhesion to a skin explant surface, and the reduction of the sweat odors produced by C. striatum.

This beneficial effect has been confirmed by a clinical study with 1.5% of Calybiota Bio (vs placebo) conducted on 27 men with a perspiration odor (intensity 4 or more on a 0-10 scale).

A prebiotic & microbiome-friendly active ingredient

A microbiome analysis on the axillary flora allows to demonstrate the beneficial prebiotic effect of Calybiota Bio by increasing the ratio of Staphylococcus over Corynebacterium after 27 days.

Moreover, the presence of Calybiota Bio in the deodorant did not impact the bacteria diversity and/or quantity over the study, preserving the integrity of the microbiome.

Action on VOC’s to fight against unpleasant axillary odors

According a national “What Makes America Sweat” survey [3] in 2023, that uncovered the nationwide impact of sweating on people’s well-being: of the 68% Americans who experience heavy sweat, 75% say it affects their self-confidence, and 80% would live their lives differently if they didn’t have to worry about sweat.

But, contrary to popular belief, sweat is naturally almost entirely odorless. Axillary odors development is linked to the transformation of odorless secretions into volatile odoriferous molecules by the flora microorganisms.

Different factors can influence the secretion’s quality & quantity and the bacteria present: age, sex, genetic factors, environment, hygiene, cosmetics...

Analysis of a T-shirt worn 24 hours by the men revealed that Calybiota Bio reduces the total quantity of VOCs by -56.8% [4] compared to the placebo.

By taking a closer look at the results, Calybiota Bio decreases acetic acid (odor of vinegar) by -50.9% [5], butyric acid (odor of vomit/rancid) by -58.2% [6] and valeric acid (odor of smelly socks or feet) by -65.2% [7].

As a microbiome-friendly and prebiotic active ingredient, Calybiota Bio is able to rebalance the axillary flora for an anti-bad odor effect. Calybiota Bio is a unique opportunity ingredient to develop natural efficient deodorant.

By protecting microbiota flora, Calybiota Bio helps women & men feel good and comfortable in their intimacy.

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