Dave Fenlon, CEO of BWX

Dave Fenlon, CEO of BWX

Premium Beauty News - Last month, BWX announced that Sukin’s skin and hair care lines just arrived at Target.com and were available over 800 brick and mortar Target stores across the U.S.A. early February.

Dave Fenlon - As a pioneer in the clean skincare movement, we continue to champion the environment, giving consumers peace of mind that their Sukin products will not negatively impact our planet. In fact, our goal is to leave the Earth better than we found it.

In Australia, Sukin is the number one natural skincare brand, and we’re excited to see our products in the hands of new customers on Target.com. We’re thrilled to be a part of the vast expansion of clean beauty that Target is leading in the U.S.

Premium Beauty News - What is your international strategy?

Dave Fenlon - We have a distinct regional focus on Asia Pacific, North America, and select international markets like Germany and the UK. These are BWX’s engine markets where we are seeing the most sales and where there is strong consumer acceptance of our brands. BWX has headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, and California, USA to support this global focus.

Premium Beauty News - Do you have any planned investment?

Dave Fenlon - At the moment the team is very focused on investing into brand marketing and our people. By marketing we mean investing in our core brands of Sukin, Andalou Naturals, Mineral Fusion and Nourished Life through more digital and social platforms to more effectively educate consumers on the benefits of natural skincare that is affordable, good for you and the environment too. We also listen to our consumers and pay attention to their personal care needs which inspires and innovates new product development. We are also investing in our people and their skillsets so that the company can continue to grow, innovate and evolve our leadership position in the natural and organic personal care industry (which is growing at over 5% annually). The Group will continue its investment in brand building, capability and innovation to drive deeper connections with consumers globally while maintaining a sharp focus on controlling our cost.

Premium Beauty News - Anything you would like to add?

Dave Fenlon - The Group has delivered a strong financial performance in the first half, with net revenue growing 23% to $84.1m and underlying EBITDA increasing 63% to $11.6m. BWX is well-placed in the growing global beauty and personal care industry, which is expected to reach the value of US$616 billion by 2022, growing at 5.8% annually. We are investing in direct-to-consumer marketing to educate and grow our addressable market; and we are focused on consumer-led innovation in new product development, all underpinned by a multi-channel retail approach and user-friendly digital platforms that accelerate direct-to-consumer access. The positioning of each brand is important: Sukin: the #1 natural skincare brand in Australia Natural pharmacy, Andalou Naturals: the #1 natural skincare brand in North American Natural channel, Mineral Fusion: the #1 natural cosmetics brand in North American Natural channel and Nourished Life: one of Australia’s leading natural personal care and lifestyle B2C platforms.