Premium Beauty News - Times are tough for companies in the plastic industry. What about Augros Cosmetic Packaging?

Didier Bourgine - Augros’ plastic business has relatively dynamic during the first semester thanks to the launch of new products.

On the other hand, the finishing business has been decreasing steadily at our of MSV decor branch. We initially thought that the market would quickly recover, with a rise of the business activity by the end of the summer. Apparently, this optimistic scenario is not the one occurring and the recovery of the economy will be longer than expected. The slowdown of retail sales and the postponing of new launches are now following initial stock clearance measures decided by our customers.

Premium Beauty News - Considering the wide range of products that you are supplying to the beauty industry, what are the most dynamic segments?

Didier Bourgine - The slower rhythm of new launches boosted our more classical ranges, in particular those that contribute to brands’ signatures.

On the contrary, ranges that already had difficulties to meet success are strongly decreasing, whether they are new or not.

Furthermore, retailers seem to be more cautious than before about new products, which may explain why several launches have been postponed and why their number is declining.

Premium Beauty News - Augros Cosmetic Packaging focuses its activities on two areas, plastic packaging components and decoration. Are they efficient synergies between these activities?

Didier Bourgine - Actually there are good complementarities between plastic packaging and surface treatment as the perfumery industry is increasingly requesting high performing decoration technologies such as vacuum metallization, or lacquering. Furthermore, as our two production sites are located in a close area (less than 45 minutes from one to the other), production flows can be organised within short delays.

Premium Beauty News - Perfume and cosmetic brands are increasingly looking for full-services.

Didier Bourgine - We are receiving more and more requests for full-services and we address them positively when there are opportunities.

For Thierry Mugler’s Angel skincare line, for instance, we are supplying not only the glass jars, but also the labels, and the decoration on glass and plastic surfaces.

Premium Beauty News - How do you address environmental issues?

Didier Bourgine - Our mission is to answer to the needs of our customers and some brands are strongly committed on environmental issues. The implementation of the REACH legislation is accelerating the shift towards eco-friendliness. We strictly comply with it, whether for or plastic packaging branch or our decoration business.

Thierry Mugler's Alien

Thierry Mugler’s Alien