Bulldog Skincare for Men and packaging manufacturer RPC M&H Plastics have joined forces to go green with new sustainable packaging.

The British men’s skincare brand has chosen to use sugarcane as the raw material for the flexible tubes of its updated line featuring moisturisers, face washes and face scrubs, with multiple variations of each product focusing on different skin types which includes sensitive skin, mature skin and oily skin.

The ‘Green’ polyethylene is created by farming sugarcane. According to RPC M&H Plastics, this type of culture is made on sustainable land in Brazil, thousands of kilometres from the Amazon rainforest. Whilst being cultivated, the sugarcane captures CO2 from the air as it grows. In fact, sugarcane is so efficient at capturing CO2 that with every kilogram of Green Plastic produced 3,09 kilograms of CO2 is removed from the air! Once grown, the Sugarcane is transformed into ethanol, a type of alcohol, which is in turn used by Brazilian chemicals supplier Braskem to create Green Plastic. However, claims RPC M&H Plastic, the environmental positives do not stop there, the sugarcane is often planted on degraded pasture land which in turn helps to recover the soil for future use as general farmland or to simply plant another crop of sugarcane.

The Green Plastic is then used by RPC M&H Plastics instead of fossil fuel sourced material to create Bulldog’s Flexible Tubes while maintaining the performance characteristics of traditional Polyethylene.

Bulldog is proud to be the first men’s skincare brand in the world to use plastic from sugarcane in our packaging. We have always tried to make the most ethical and sustainable decisions we can, from never testing on animals, to never using microbeads to making all our products suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Plastic from Sugar Cane is the latest step in this approach and we are delighted to have worked with M&H Plastics to turn Green PE into something we can use in the tubes and caps of our packaging,” concludes Simon Duffy, founder of Bulldog Skincare For Men.