Actiporine 8G, the new slimming and anti-cellulite ingredient by Codif Recherche & Nature, has been awarded best natural active ingredient by the jury of the BSB European Innovation Prize.

The independent consulting company Beratungs and Servicebür Dr Riedel (BSB) has been awarding the best cosmetic and raw material innovations for about 10 years, alongside the In-Cosmetics tradeshow.

Actiporine 8G was prized in the “Most innovative natural active” category for its bioreactor cultivation of the calcified macro-algae Jania rubens and for its exclusive way of action. The active ingredient targets mitochondrial aquaporin 8 which is responsible for transporting H2O2 from the interior of mitochondria to the outside. By freeing mitochondria of this toxic substance, Actiporine 8G maintains their physical and functional integrity and restarts the original cellular activity of adipocytes and fibroblasts.

Among the cosmetics that were awarded, let’s note Henkel’s Theramed Pro Electric Active Clean and Kneipp’s AUA Gel for natural products.