Bruno Jovanovic joins the Fine Fragrance team at Firmenich as Senior Perfumer. With over 20 years of experience in fine fragrance, he ic is known for his streamlined yet sophisticated perfumes using unique combinations of ingredients.

We constantly strive for the highest level of creativity in the perfume industry, and we are thrilled that such a talented perfumer is joining our Firmenich family,” said Ilaria Resta, President, Global Perfumery. “Bruno’s appointment once again demonstratesFirmenich’s commitment to excellence in creativity and, as a Perfumer-centric organization, to setting new creative references in the market.

Born in France, Bruno Jovanovic was enchanted with odors, scents and olfactive ingredients from a very young age. Upon discovering the vast array of different perfumes sold at department stores in Paris while studying at Lycée Condorcet, he realized he wanted to become a perfumer. Bruno earned a degree in Physics and Chemistry at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, and later enrolled at the perfumery school ISIPCA.

Upon graduation, he moved to New York City and joined IFF, spending a total of 20 years there and in Paris, creating some of the most celebrated fragrances worldwide. His vast body of work includes iconic fragrances for Hugo Boss, Coach, Paco Rabanne, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Frederic Malle and Armani. Bruno regards his profession as a vocation where each creation embodies both his expression of art and his own sensitivities.

Bruno’s work spans two decades and includes some of the most prestigious fragrances launched worldwide. His strong dedication to the art of perfumery is matched by his intellectual approach to creation, and his powerful signatures are highly appreciated by peers and loved by consumers,” highlighted Jerry Vittoria, President, Global Fine Fragrance.

Based in Paris, Bruno will report directly to Jerry Vittoria, and will work with our global customers on fine fragrance creation.