A pioneer in mascara

To better understand Brivaplast’s expertise, one must remember that the Italian company based in Osnago, a few kilometers northeast of Milan, is one of the first European companies to have launched a mascara ... more than forty years ago. In 1977 managers from Brivaplast decide to review their product portfolio and to intensify their development strategy on this product.


Latest developments to date, the marketing three months ago of an all-plastic mascara eco-friendly positioned, the packaging of which is made from 75% recycled plastic. The brush is based on vegetable oil.

To note, the good appraisal from the market of a range of mascara fitted with a application system incorporating a patented bi-component wiper the characteristic of which is to be "soft" where it should be and "hard" when required which allows a cleaning adapted to the different plastic brushes used. A system that equips Oriflame’s new mascara, Giordani Gold Lash Fascination.

Among recent developments, a line called “make-up artist” which consists of four different applicators (two lipgloss, an eyeshadow, an eyeliner) with looks and performance worthy of professional brushes.

A dual industrial tool

As part of an overall market approach, the Italian firm has proceeded to a dual-industrialization of its tool for, on the one hand, the Italian factory and, on the other hand, its Chinese factory.

Brivaplast in 2008 approximately achieved a turnover of EUR 12 million, 50% of which for mascara and lipgloss. Main goal this year, highlighting the standard offer for mascara but also the one for lipsticks.