Geka, a full-service provider for liquid cosmetic products and beauty accessories, has introduced a genderless, sustainable and clean beauty collection at MakeUp in Los Angles 2020.

Geka's BreaktheRules genderless collection

Geka’s BreaktheRules genderless collection

Dubbed “Break the Rules”, the new range is made of sustainable travel-size packaging solutions appearing in genderless colors and free from “unnecessary ingredients”. It is intended to be used on brows, skin, and lips.

Green features

Bottles are made of 100% PCR-PET, produced out of PCR-PET-A bottle scraps by extrusion with high vacuum degassing, melt filtration and SSP. For the caps, Geka used 100% PCR-PP, produced out of PCR-PP scraps, e.g., yoghurt cups or detergent bottles. The eyebrow brush is made of Geka’s brand-new exclusive EOSgreen fiber - a bio-based fiber consisting of 100% renewable raw materials derived from the castor oil plant. The applicators are either made of 25% recycled flock or completely non-flocked to reduce material usage to a minimum.

Even the smallest components of the beauty packaging got a sustainable upgrade. The bottle wipers are made of LLDPE with a bio-based content of 84 percent, derived from sugar cane. In addition, it partially consists of recycled PIR- LDPE material from Geka production. Grinding stock is reused by placing it into the recycling process, that way reducing material waste to a minimum.

Genderless founcealer, jelly brow serum and lip moisturizer

The collection includes three products:

- A dual-purpose cutting-edge product: Foundation and Concealer in one. The liquid Founcealer is enriched with a nut-oil, Cannabis sativa seed oil for moisturizing effect providing full coverage and natural complexion. The flocked applicator is made of recycled flock to meet sustainability requirements. Designed by Make Up Artist Michele Burke, the applicator was modeled from her pinky finger and is registered in design.
- Clean superfood for the eyes is coming within the second product. A transparent, jelly brow serum paired with a precise shape mini brush made of Geka’s exclusive EOSgreen fiber - a 100% bio based fiber derived from sugar cane combined with the typical irregular EOS fiber surface for better hair grip and bulk absorption. The conical shape allows for exact combing and shaping of the brow bone for setting brows in shape all day.
- The third product in the range is a transparent genderless clean glossy lip moisturizer enriched with blueberry and CBD extract. The non-flocked one-component applicator for lip treatment - to reduce material usage to a minimum - allows for exact contouring of the lips. The hygienical applicator with small reservoir zones for bulk deposit is quickly cleaned and easy in handling.

Matching with the genderless range of liquid beauty products, Geka has developed a genderless croc-look fanny pack.