Brazilian exports of cosmetics, perfumes and toiletries have posted another record in 2023! The industry exported a total value of USD 911.2 million over the twelve months from January to December 2023, up 14.5% compared to 2022 according to the Brazilian Association of the Toiletries, Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry (ABIHPEC).

At the same time, imports increased by 12.1% to reach 830.4 million dollars. The period therefore closed on a trade surplus of US 80.8 million, up 130.2% compared to the previous year.

This is the fourth consecutive year that Brazil has generated a trade surplus in this sector. In 2023, the Brazilian cosmetics and hygiene products industry exported its products to 176 countries and Argentina is the leading buyer of Brazilian cosmetics, with USD 166.0 million imported goods (up 14.4% compared to 2022).

Hair products represent 22% of total exports, or USD 200.2 million in 2023 (up 8.9% compared to 2022). The category was followed by soaps (USD 186.6 million) and oral care products (USD 95.7 million), up 26% and 6.3%, respectively. Perfumes stand out with growth of almost 39% in exports, although they are only ranked at the sixth place.