A study conducted by the market research firm also shows that sales of shaving products, soaps and shampoos for men have totalled US$4.7 billion in 2014 – a 99.4% increase over 2009. The product mix is increasingly more diversified, and Brazil’s cosmetics leadership will be particularly drawn by bath and shower products, which are set to grow by 111% between 2014 and 2019. Deodorants (+53%), hair care (+38%) and shaving products (+32%) are to follow.

Hair care products from the Natura Homem line

Hair care products from the Natura Homem line

Marcela Viana, market research analyst at Euromonitor International, says the increase in income observed in recent years combined to new customers entering this market should bring Brazil to the top of the rank. Marcela points to the fact that manufacturers also play a key role in Brazil’s strong performance in this market. “The industry has been contributing considerably to this scenario by launching products targeting male consumers.

Men thus account for around 40% of Granado’s customers. The Brazilian cosmetics brand has four men’s grooming brands - Glicerina, made of vegetable glycerin bar soaps and body washes; Antisséptica, with antifungal and antibacterial products; Barbearia, whose highlight is a shaving soap for men who shave in the shower or sauna; and the dermocosmetics range Granaderma.

Granado’s marketing and sales director, Sissi Freeman, says the company has followed closely the behaviour of male consumers in Granado’s 40 concept stores throughout Brazil. “Product loyalty is an important feature. Our antiseptic talcum powder, which was Granado’s very first product, has become a tradition passed on from generation to generation.

Products from Granado's Barbearia line

Products from Granado’s Barbearia line

Brazil’s cosmetics giant Natura also has a portfolio dedicated to male customers, ranging from perfumes and deodorants to creams, foams, moisturizers and hair care products. "As well as practicality, men look out for efficiency and points of difference in the product composition. That is why the beauty industry has been investing in products with the latest technology. One of Natura’s competitive advantages is that male customers can purchase products online through Rede Natura (Natura network), which meets their demand for quick and easy solutions,” says Alessandro Mendes, product development director at Natura.

Euromonitor’s Viana points out that unlike women, men do not tend to be impulsive buyers - “they are more careful and patient customers,” she says. Christoph Mayer-Loos, co-founder of online men’s grooming store Shop4Men, agrees with Viana. “It is a demanding target audience, aged 20 to 45 years. Most often, the first purchase is a product that they have already tried. Once they discover more options, the next purchase is usually larger and includes different products,” he says.