The Brazilian group’s new digital initiative was developed in partnership with French experts in perfumes and design. Dubbed O.U.i (standing for "Original. Unique. Individual") the new brand aims to provide Brazilian consumers with a sophisticated line of perfumery, as well as its body and bath complements.

All the creation (olfactory direction and design) was carried out in France. Fragrance creator Pierre Aulas signed the olfactory direction, with the contribution of four guest perfumers, and Thierry De Baschmakoff was responsible for the design of the brand, in the creation of which also participated French evaluators and producers of essential oils from the Grasse region, as well as photographers, illustrators and a large network of suppliers, including Firmenich.

OUi offers a range of eight eaux de parfum, also available in kits of three perfumes of 5 ml each, and twenty products for the body and the bath.

Featured, the Jardin de Grasse line, pays tribute to the history of French perfumery, with a hand cream, a perfume, a liquid soap and solid soap in homage to the iconic Marseille soap and the only red to brand lips.

Products can be purchased on the brand’s e- site ( and on the Beleza na Web and Beauty Box sites.