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Brazil: Naturelle is surfing the wave of full service

The Brazilian full-service company “Naturelle” which established itself three years ago in a brand new factory of 37,700 sq ft on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, now provides more than 150 perfume and cosmetic brands. A great industrial adventure begun thirty years earlier by Levi and Raquel Kann who were far from realizing at the time, when creating their own brand “Natuflora”, that the bulk of their activities would be that one.

Levi Kann (Naturelle)

Levi Kann (Naturelle)

Premium Beauty News - Your brand “Natuflora”, does still exist?
Levi Kann - Absolutely! But it is true that as the years went by, the business model of our company totally changed. Today 95% of our business consists in designing, manufacturing and packaging formulas for our customers. Perfumes represent half of our activity followed mainly by Skin Care (20%) and Hair Care (15%). We also do a little lip gloss.

Premium Beauty News - Your installation three years ago, in this brand new factory where you are operating today represented a major turning point?

Levi Kann - Yes, indeed it marked a turning point for the company! We simply doubled our production and our staff which currently consists of 110 people today. The investment was considerable for us and the cultural change too. Being at first a small family business, this was quite a leap.

Premium Beauty News - This must have resulted in a change in your customer base?
Levi Kann - No, not really. Our customer base consists mostly of many brands, rather more “fashion” focused, and which operate in both midrange and upper range segments. Our main asset lies in the flexibility that we had and that we have wanted to keep. We can manufacture and package many different products and in both small, medium and large quantities. I am used to saying that the minimum can even consist of “one” sample!

Premium Beauty News - You offer a total full service!

Levi Kann - Exactly! Regarding the type of packaging we often provide our advice on the matter but we don’t have, strictly speaking, any standard ranges to offer. We buy what the customer wants. In general closures and plastic finishings come from Brazil, pumps outside Brazil. Bottles mainly from Brazil.

Premium Beauty News - Development prospects are good, of course!

Levi Kann - Rather good, it’s true! Especially since the evolution of the Brazilian legislation on taxes, in the past four years has tended to favour full service activities like ours. As often in Brazil, the “taxes” issue is probably one of the most complicated and the most worrying of all. Without going into details, it has become more interesting to outsource manufacturing and packaging activities than do them yourself...

Interview by Jean-Yves Bourgeois

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