Sueli Ortega - What are your next investment plans in Brazil?

Emanuelly Batisti - Actually, Brazil is the hottest market in the world at the moment, not only for Shiseido, but for all brands seeking growth. We have just received in the country several scientists of the group coming from Japan, to conduct researches on the skin and hair of Brazilian women. The purpose was to develop more specific products addressing the needs of this market, considering the local variety of phenotypes.

Shiseido is recognized as one of the companies that invest the most in research worldwide. We have 14 research centres around the world. Shiseido was granted several awards worldwide, because of the level of research the group develops, and its numerous patents and the development of raw materials.

In a growing market such as Brazil, it could not be different. We conducted consumer tests with about 200 persons, using state of the art equipment. Our team of scientists has investigated various topics of analysis. For instance, they used high-definition pictures to measure the amount of cilia that a woman has, and their thickness, in order to develop products adapted to their needs.

Sueli Ortega - What are the main events of your presence in Brazil?

Emanuelly Batisti - The company has been in Brazil since 1996 and created its Brazilian subsidiary in 2000.

As far as the Shiseido brand is concerned, it was launched in 1872. We are celebrating its 140th anniversary this year. We have scheduled worldwide celebrations. In Brazil, the celebrations include launches of limited editions, cultural and entertainment actions, etc.

This year was also marked by the launch of new Shiseido brands in Brazil: bareMinerals, a brand of our US subsidiary Bare Escentuals, and Nars, which was acquired by Shiseido in 2000.

Sueli Ortega - What is the purpose of these launches in terms of concept and distribution?

Emanuelly Batisti - Both are makeup brand, but they have different proposals. Nars has more fashion appeal, a bolder and trendier positioning. It is colourful and vibrant. On the other hand, bareMinerals has a more natural appeal, it’s makeup line that reaches a younger audience.

These brands have a different positioning than the Shiseido brand, which is almost a functional makeup line, providing both makeup and treatment, thus benefitting the skin, whether it is dry or oily. It also offers anti-ageing features. For instance, lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid.

In Brazil, Shiseido is distributed in leading prestige perfumeries and pharmacies, such as Onofre, and also at Sephora. Altogether there are 170 sale points in Brazil. It is a selective distribution that reaches 100% of Brazilian regions, besides the sales of e-commerce.

On the contrary, bareMinerals is sold in its own shops and at Sephora. There are no franchises, but only brand stores. And Nars is an exclusive brand brought to Brazil for Sephora.

Sueli Ortega - What are Shiseido’s best sellers in Brazil?

Emanuelly Batisti - What sells most are the skincare products. Skincare is the great strength of the brand in the country. We are the second skincare brand best sold in Brazil, according to a research by Segmenta.

Sueli Ortega - And what about the fragrance market?

Emanuelly Batisti - Shiseido Brazil only offers its Zen fragrance in the country. However, global brands belonging to the group, such as Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, Narciso Rodriguez, Elie Saab, are also marketed in Brazil through independent distributors.

Sueli Ortega - What are the launches planned for the country this year?

Emanuelly Batisti - Shiseido will launch commemorative editions, such as a perfume with an unique scent that arrives already in October, Eau Dermine, which was the first scent launched by Shiseido. It comes back with the original packaging, totally vintage, for collectors. We will launch other products line, as a 3 in 1 sunscreen that protects face, body and hair. We will launch an anti-aging serum for men, a product for the eye area for women over 40 years and a makeup collection. There will be many releases by November this year.