MS Swiss Cosmetics has selected the Snow Algae Extract from the Swiss laboratory Mibelle, to elaborate three skin cares for men that are combining luxury and performance. Authentically Swiss.

This unique alga is growing on glaciers and permanent snow and produces valuable molecules in response to stress caused by the extreme conditions of its environment. These molecules stimulate Klotho, the longevity gene and activate AMPK, a metabolic key sensor that precisely contributes to the adjustment of cellular energy requirements. They help to improve the skin’s structure, reinforce its barrier function and skin tone for younger looking skin, longer,” explains the skin care supplier.

Launched at Luxe Formulation in October, the includes three formulations that can be purchased separately and customised to fit the needs of the brand:

1. Polytechnician Serum. Its gel texture melts on contact with the skin, blends into the epidermis and is absorbed in a fraction of a second. It leaves a soft, powdery and non-sticky film. Its concentrated power fights signs of ageing.
2. Energising Cream. Its light, airy texture is very quickly absorbed and provides an instant fresh feeling, that its blue colour was promising from the very first glance. It instantly regenerates and soothes the skin.
3. Serum For Short Beard. This care moisturises the skin and soothes the beard for a silky touch.

For a complete offer, the Box for Men by MS Swiss Cosmetics also contains an eye care and a shaving cream.