Axilone [1], the Ileos group’s subsidiary specialising in plastic injection moulding and aluminium stamping processes, has contributed to two recent perfume launches by the LVMH group: “Jeu d’Amou” by Kenzo and “Furiosa” by Fendi.

« Jeu d’amour » by Kenzo, completely transparent

Kenzo’s latest perfume creation, « Jeu d’Amour », has a bottle with a cap in Surlyn, in the shape of an inverted truncated cone.

Its development underlines Axilone’s integrated skills in plastic moulding and expertise in rheology. Such competences are rare. Very early on in the production process they allowed to suggest a number of design changes to the client, based on the way the raw materials flowed in the mould,” comments the French company.

The end result being a product of high quality: a monobloc piece, as transparent as glass, with thick walls and an impeccable look.

Axilone supplies the bottle stopper for the 100ml version and the miniature sample. The latter was made using bi-injection moulding with the small flacon in PE with a surlyn coating. As the stopper is in direct contact with the perfume, the surlyn would have yellowed. The two formats have been produced by Axilone Plastique at Auray in Brittany, France.

A multi material bottle cap for « Furiosa » by Fendi

The cap is a good illustration of the industrial multi material skills of the Ileos Group subsidiary. It is made in two pieces: the first in black PP, made by Axilone Plastique in France, which is surrounded by the second piece in gold anodised metal, made by Axilone Metal in Spain, who also assembles the two parts without using glue. The rolled edge of the metal top allows the plastic part to be clicked into place. The black top of the cap is decorated with the indented logo of the brand.

Axilone also makes the identical miniature version. Bi-material moulded, the cap of the miniature sample is just as good looking as the sales version.