Felice Nardiello, Marketing and Sales Director, Bormioli Luigi

Felice Nardiello, Marketing and Sales Director, Bormioli Luigi

Premium Beauty News - At last! The crisis is behind us!

Felice Nardiello - Not so sure! Anyway, we couldn’t fall any lower! As for 2009, Luigi Bormioli ends up the year with sales down 20% compared to the previous year. Which is a lesser evil compared to other sectors which have experienced worse situations. You know that we rely on three areas: glass bottles, tableware and more recently, carafes for spirits.

In fact, it’s just as if we had gone back to the 2006 turnover. Imagine the shock!

Premium Beauty News - What about the beginning of 2010?

Felice Nardiello - Better, of course! Much better! But we must remain cautious. The proper indicator being however the number of new tools currently being produced. In good years we produce approximately 150 yearly. Last year, we only produced 80. Since the beginning of this year, we have 110 under way.

At the height of the crisis, we had stopped two ovens. One was restarted in September. For the other one, if the recovery trend is confirmed, it should be operational again by the end of this year. We expect an increase in our turnover of 15% to 20% in 2010.

Premium Beauty News - What made it possible for you to resist?

Felice Nardiello - Several things. On the one hand our flexibility and our ability to respond quickly to market demands. On the other hand, our brand new plant in Milan the production tool of which turned out to be very well adapted to the constraints of crisis in terms of cost prices.

The fact also that in 2009 we started to diversify successfully in the new segment of carafes for spirits where we aim to achieve a turnover of nearly 5 million Euros in the next three years.

Premium Beauty News - And innovation in this context?

Felice Nardiello - It’s striding along! All directions are taken advantage of. And we will surely be able to market products you don’t even expect, to improve glass resistance, while adding new barriers and aesthetic properties to it.