Forme: To push beyond the limits of glass forming

The first challenge for the Italian glassmaker was to address the needs of brand differentiation. At this level, the demand for new glass shapes is increasingly growing. However, in the same time, glass-forming techniques appear to have reached their intrinsic limits.

To overcome this difficulty, Bormioli Luigi has developed an innovative glass-on-glass gluing technique to assemble components together strongly, permanently and with a complete compatibility with alcoholic products.

The finished bottle is obtained by gluing different glass components, each of which made separately with one or more of the available glass forming techniques: blow-blow, press-blow, pressed. The result: a huge freedom of creativity.

To achieve this performance, Bormioli Luigi has formulated a special glue. During the glass heating, the glue undergoes a vitrification process that welds both components with a more than tenfold mechanical resistance with respect to typical organic glues. “The layer is totally inert and resistant to permanent contact with any alcoholic product. No toxic nor organic substance is present in the product, which does not require the REACH regulation registration,” highlights the glassmaking company.

Ecojars: Ultra-light glass packaging for luxury skincare and make-up

Besides differentiation, Bormioli Luigi also addressed another major trend of the packaging: sustainability.

In order to decrease the weight of the glass jars, Bormioli Luigi has reduced the glass thickness of the walls and the bottom to reach 40% of the weight of a jar of equal capacity. The decrease of glass quantity reduces the impact on the environment all along the supply chain.

This new environment friendly glass required a new production process, including a glass treatment enhancing mechanical resistance and the adaptation of the machines.