Premium Beauty News - What are the main advantages of this new lacquer which can be applied on the inside of vials?

Felice Nardiello - Compared to traditional lacquering which coats the outside of vials, our process enables to highlight all the depth, shine and thickness effects of the glass. This creates real "3D" effects.

Premium Beauty News - Does it hinder the use of other types of decoration?

Felice Nardiello - Not at all! Quite the contrary! There is no limitation to the use of our "Inside" process coupled to other finishing techniques such as screen printing, pad printing or hot stamping. Moreover, this process opens very large perspectives in terms of customization.

Premium Beauty News - What types of customization?

Felice Nardiello - With this process, we make available to our clients a wide choice of colours and special effects ranging from matte to polished and even metallic finishes. Visual aspects range from a full inner coating of the vial to partial coating. Subtle effects between different shades can even be used. In addition this process can be used for several types of vials with a mini collar of 13 mm.

Premium Beauty News - A word on this new decoration facility you are inaugurating in Parma.

Felice Nardiello - This unit will host a so called "traditional" lacquering line, a lacquering line specially dedicated to the inside of bottles, a binding line and finally a screen printing line. Representing a total investment (for the construction, the machines and annealing arches) of approximately 7 million euros.