Sparkx + Surlyn = Linkx

It took several months of research and testing to Bormioli Luigi and its industrial partners in order to successfully master not only transformation techniques but also the type of glass required to eventually produce the very first overmoulded bottle prototypes.

The manufacture of this type of bottle is a two-stage operation. First, the design of the glass bottle itself in blow-and-blow, press-and-blow or press processes. But it is not just any glass. Its so-called "Sparkx" composition patented by Bormioli Luigi was the subject of special attention to feature both, increased mechanical strength and also an even more abrasion resistant surface finish. Its chemical stability was also improved. This glass is free from lead or any other heavy metal. It is also very clear. [1]

As for the overmoulded shell, it is made from the famous Surlyn resin developed by DuPont.

Thus, the combination of the Sparkx glass with the Surlyn resin gave birth to the Linkx range.

Fully or partly overmoulded

But it is obviously during the overmoulding stage that it all happens. “A very specific technique, we are told at Bormioli Luigi, which is made possible thanks to the characteristics of the Sparkx glass but also thanks to a few tricks developed for the mould and, of course, thanks to a particular cooling system.” This technique allows to achieve fully or partly moulded bottles. We shall know no more!

The result is quite spectacular and there seems to be endless possibilities offered in terms of shapes for the glass bottle and the overmoulding process.

Linkx allows to give free rein to one’s imagination in terms of shapes and colours for the bottles,Bormioli Luigi claims. The glass offers its usual resistance characteristics to chemicals and alcohol. Actually all options are possible regarding colours and shapes for both materials and also very broad possibilities in terms of internal and external finishing. Being able to play on full or partial moulding can also be very interesting. The smoothness to the touch is also very pleasant. The whole of it is of course unbreakable, etc. But the list would be too long to enumerate here.

Undoubtedly, the Bormioli Luigi Group and its partners, Pibiplast and DuPont, are only starting to discover all the extraordinary possibilities offered by this new process. To be continued…