French brand Boho Cosmetics has chosen Pujolasos Wood & Pack to launch a new range of natural cosmetics, consisting of makeup, nailpolish and perfumes.

To comply with the French brand’s commitment to organic materials and the respect towards the environment, Pujolasos has developed a range of packs based on natural using ash-tree wood and laser engravings.

The new line can be personalized by the consumers using exchangeable pieces, in line with the latest trends in the world of cosmetics, such as the combination of makeup colours and textures.

Versatility is another feature of this new set of pieces that Boho has just launched to the market. The makeup line, for example, includes an original set of spheres interacting with each other through high precision magnets. The result is a set of makeup having exchangeable pieces, which offers the possibility of altering their order according to the client´s own preferences.

As a global solutions supplier for packaging in the premium segment, Pujolasos supports a strong commitment to the environment and offers the maximum quality for its products, developed in its new plant at Sant Pere de Torelló (Barcelona). The firm is PEFC and FSC certified, which guarantees a responsible forest management,” says the company in a release.