Jean-Christophe David, founder of the BODY’Minute network

Jean-Christophe David was the son of renowned hairdresser Jean-Louis David, who died last April 3, aged 85. He inherited a family passion for hairdressing, and 20 years ago, he banked on a wellness concept for women, in particular young women who were not used to going to beauty salons. BODY’Minute offers subscriptions for quick treatments without an appointment. Subscriptions also give access to the NAIL’Minute and HAIR’Minute services, which soon completed the network’s offering.

We offer high quality, affordable services for women from 15 to 45,” explains the founder. Today, the network ranks first in terms of number of beauty salons in Paris, and second in France, behind giant Yves Rocher. The group keeps growing – +7% in 2018, at constant scope – and achieves a 150-million-euro turnover for four million transactions every year.

Five years ago, the concept was completed with cosmetics ranges to meet customers’ needs: SKIN’minute, EPIL’minute, SOAP’minute, SLIM’minute, BODY’minute, and BABY’minute.

A focus on Europe

In keeping with its dynamics of 30 new openings every year, the BODY’Minute network aims to develop outside French borders. "Today, we are definitely able to deploy the ‘minute’ concept throughout Europe,” says Jean-Christophe David. To this aim, the Director is looking for partners specialized in retail, and who can open new salons in the UK, Germany, and Italy. “The idea is to sell wellness to all women,” he claims.