Market pulp supplier Rottneros AB has invested in Blue Ocean Closures, becoming a co-owner of the Swedish start-up.

Launched two years, Blue Ocean Closures AB has developed technology to produce fibre-based closures for consumer packaging at large scale, aiming to replace current plastic solutions on a global market.

Rottneros believes Blue Ocean Closures’ innovative technology and material have potential for many more high volume use cases and making an impact in terms of reducing plastic pollution and its climate effects.

Blue Ocean Closures is leading the way in a very exciting new field with their vacuum press forming technology. At Rottneros we see this field as complementary to our work in wet moulding and exploring the opportunities within dry processes fits very well with our market strategy,” says Lennart Eberleh, CEO, Rottneros AB.

Blue Ocean Closures is working in partnership with industrial leaders and brand-owners, who are committed to the development of more environmentally friendly solutions.

With Rottneros deep knowledge in pulp and packaging, we further strengthen our position and ability to reach market” says Lars Sandberg, Blue Ocean Closures founder and CEO. “The company has during its two years of operation been focused on developing high quality, bio-based and recyclable as paper screw caps. This investment and the partnership will expand the important development in more market segments. We are thrilled to welcome Rottneros as our new co-owner,” concludes Sandberg.

Earlier this year, Blue Ocean Closure partnered with Stora Enso to develop a tube cap made of more than 95% fibres from wood cellulose.