Named for the Greek goddess of the dawn, the Eos fragrance line contains only biochemical and organic materials. The range, which comprises a feminine scent and a masculine/unisex scent, is said carbon neutral since it does not contain any petroleum derivative. Actually, Eos scents feature a special selection of Blue Marble Energy’s carbon neutral bioester as the top note, while the heart notes and low notes have been blended with Sweet Anthem’s custom product, which are locally sourced from distributors of organic, sustainable, or wild harvested materials.

To make these bioesters, BME utilizes cellulosic biomass - in this case, certified organic spent brewery grain [1] - reclaiming the useful material through a patented conversion technology. The results of this process are refined to produce bioester fragrances that are ready for blending and, according to BME, can replace various petrochemicals already in the market.

The potential outlets for our biochemicals are vast,” says BME’s Chief Science Officer, James Stephens. “Fragrance is just one of many examples in which carbon neutral, renewable biochemicals can directly replace polluting petrochemicals in high value products.