Black peel-off face masks have become a real phenomenon on social media networks, with photos and videos of people using them mushrooming.

French Federation of Beauty Enterprises (FEBEA) found that several "black...

French Federation of Beauty Enterprises (FEBEA) found that several "black masks" available online in France do not comply with the European regulations on cosmetics and warns consumers to be cautious. Photo : © Ekaterina Iatcenko /

However, the popularity of these products has been followed immediately by comments from disappointed users and various articles warning consumers about the risks associated to the masks and how they can irritate the skin.

"Recently, several adverse reactions - irritations, burns and allergies - have been reported from users," confirms the French Federation of Beauty Enterprises (FEBEA), the trade body representing the cosmetics industry in France.

Non-compliant labelling

In order to understand this, FEBEA’s experts have purchased some of the most popular products available online in order to check their labelling (the products’ actual composition has not been assessed). Conclusions are severe!

"None of the products received is complying with European labelling rules. In addition, inconsistencies were noted between the list of ingredients and the information on the product lifespan. Furthermore, none of these products, although purchased on a French online store, are labelled in French, which is mandatory. These three products seem to be made in China," alerts the FEBEA.

The trade union states that it immediately alerted the French authorities about the fact that neither the manufacturers nor the distributors of these three products do meet legal obligations and about the potential consequences for health.

FEBEA recalls that a wide range of products from renown brands and fully compliant with the regulation are already available on the market.