Bisioprogetti, an Italian supplier of plastic pieces for the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, has created a new brush entirely made of plastic. The main interest of this new technical development is to avoid any contamination from the metal staple that is traditionally used to tighten the synthetic or natural threads of the brush. According to the manufacturer, another important benefit for brand owners is a very low production cost compared to traditional brushes.

Presented at the latest edition of Cosmoprof, this new brush is designed for cosmetic or pharmaceutical nail care and make-up applications.

The brush is made out of a plastic material approved by the Pharmacopoeia and FDA, ensuring the possibility to be processed in ISO 7 clean room,” explains the company in a release.

In order to allow using it with very viscous products, Bisioprogetti has developed a patented system improving the fastening of the brush to the cap, thus preventing it from being detached when the cap rotates during its opening and closure.