Cyrille Telinge

Cyrille Telinge

Created fifteen years ago, the Laboratoires Bioware are a perfect example of the know-how of French SMEs in the cosmetic industry. The company which employs 20 people dedicated to development and creation and 65 more on the production site belonging to their parent company, produces annually about 700 tons of cosmetic products for the face, the body and the hair. Customers are located in thirty different countries. "Asia comes first in our customer base, followed by the United States, in spite of the not too favourable euro/dollar parity, Europe, and finally Latin America", explained Cyrille Telinge, the President.

Overall Quality

This international success was gradually established through the building of relationships of mutual trust with customers. "We have patiently earned a reputation for ourselves and developed our customer portfolio, country by country, by offering only ’Made in France’ quality".

Bioware first built this reputation on the intransigence of its leaders for quality both in terms of products, and of related services. Because if, for cosmetics, French creativity and know-how are recognized the world over, the country’s reputation is somewhat less flattering in terms of customer relations.

"When it comes to full service, what will make the difference is, of course, the quality of developments in labs, but also all the services in connection with the creative process," insisted Telinge. "Our clients come to us because they know that the ’made in France’ label will offer them a number of guarantees in terms of quality and creativity, a plus that will make their marketing approach easier. But the satisfaction survey we conducted recently, showed that they were surprised and delighted by all the experiences they shared with us. They appreciate our customer approach which is both warm and formal from a professional point of view".

And customer attention means a lot when many of these customers are not too familiar with the world of cosmetics and need to be reassured. "They often are pharmaceutical groups seeking to diversify their activities, or retailers - often specialized chains operating in the pharmaceutical and beauty sector - who want to develop their own brands, or companies from the textile sector and for whom cosmetic products are a logical complement to their clothing lines".

Customer support

Hence, Bioware offers a set of services based on the multiple know-how of its laboratory, of its design studio and of its manufacturing unit. They range from the simple development of formulas to the creation a range from A to Z, including production and filling.

But beyond development, Bioware leaders, who have launched their own brand Novexpert, can pride themselves on being able to monitor the entire marketing chain. The company has even developed a real specialization in export operations and proposes to carry out, on behalf of its customers, all the necessary administrative procedures required for the placing on the market, including if need be, product registration.


What is new is that Bioware has decided to make this expertise profitable in a different way by the sharing of it. A unique approach!

Under the label ’Novexpert Formation’, the company offers a catalogue of modules covering all the practical issues to which a SME from the sector might be confronted, from the building up of the cosmetics technical file to the monitoring of the outlets or the International prospecting, including the calculation of development costs.

"As part of this training, it is possible for attendees to leave with lists of potential buyers in France or overseas or of journalists from the health and beauty sector. It is a service that we would have dreamed of having when we started," emphasised Telinge.