Discover the first webisode of “Bioth-Ecology and other stories”, the new webserie, created by Codif Technology Naturelle. In it, they explain in short videos, in which ways they are committing in sustainability.

This first episode, introduce by Céline Laperdrix, is about the Bioth-Ecology culture. To illustrate her point, Céline Laperdrix uses the example of their novelty, Vitasmoothy.

Since its creation, Codif Technologie Naturelle has been producing innovative active ingredients while remaining faithful to its environmentally friendly values. The director of Codif TN, Romuald Vallée, has chosen a new challenge for his teams: to propose more innovative active ingredients that have less impact on the environment. To do this, one word will guide the company’s actions: Bioth-Ecology.

But what is Bioth-Ecology? When we ask Romuald Vallée, what the concept of Bioth-Ecology is, he answers “the ecology of the future”. This word is of course taken from the word biotechnology. So why add «ecology» in this case to the word biotechnology? Unlike other companies, Codif only does natural. They use high value-added cultivation technologies to grow plants and algae, identically to their natural environment. Bioth-Ecology is a technology of «copy and paste» of the living. In this mode of culture, specific living conditions, corresponding to those of the natural habitat of the organism, are recreated.

Vitasmoothy is cultivated in this mode of culture. It comes from butterfly lavender that has developed osmoregulatory mechanisms to survive to the dryness of its environment. From only a few leaves of this lavender, a culture of stem cells was generated. The results? A pulp of lavender cells.

It is well known that dehydration of the skin is one of the primary causes of skin ageing. What is less well known is that the loss of water from cells is one of the biggest factors in this ageing process. To avoid it, our body have its own guardians: osmolytes. They help slow cellular water loss.

This is where Vitasmoothy comes. It provides the skin cells with osmoregulation tools that allowed to increase water reserves by 69%. Thanks to this, the skin is plumped and rehydrated.