BiotechMarine recently introduced Thalassine 2, a new water soluble Matricaria maritima extract. The company claims the ingredient acts on the expression of cutaneous neurotransmitters Substance P and Acetylcholine to limit contractions and relax the cells. At the same time, it would contribute to restoring an optimum 3D architecture of the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen.

According to BiotechMarine, Thalassine 2 has a multifunctional activity which:
- decreases substance P release for a soothing effect
- inhibits acetylcholine release for a long lasting myorelaxing effect up to 24 hours
- redensifies cutaneous tissue by stimulating and protecting glycosaminoglycans
- increases and protects collagen synthesis
- protects strongly against free radicals

Thalassine is ideal for formulations for sensitive, young and not so young skins for the prevention of fatigue marks or expression lines”, says the company in a release.