Bioplan-Le Papillon US, a North American supplier of vials, sprays, sachets, tubes and thermoformed mini-doses for the care, perfume, and make-up industries, the outcome of the integration of the North-American units of Bioplan and Le Papillon, is launching “Fusion”, a mini pack combining a thermoformed measured dose and a sachet.

This innovative pack (patent pending) allows to make a homogeneous blend of two binary formulas when ready to use. One just has to press the thermoformed element, which then spreads its contents into the formula in the sachet. Eventually, the sachet can be opened to use the combined product.

According to Bioplan-Le Papillon US, in addition to being cost-effective, Fusion offers many advantages:

- Considering the formulas themselves, it allows to blend two formulas which must remain separate until use, to mix liquid and powder, even to dampen wipes.
- It is also suitable for small volumes (serum, oil, make-up), as well as for larger ones (shampoo/mask, …).
- When it comes to the materials, Fusion allows various to be used with specifically required barriers, for instance, by the sensitivity or aggressiveness of some ingredients.
- The opening can be by peeling, or more traditional (micro-perforation or notch).
- Finally, with regards to the volume, the blister technology enables freedom of shape, also allowing the production of perfect replicas with a strong visual impact. The surface of the sachet can also be printed, replacing the traditional insert.

A turnkey solution, from design to manufacture, and which is adapted to the hygiene-care as well as make-up market requirements,” underlines the company.