Presented at Luxe Pack Monaco, Bioplan’s Minidrip is a mini drop counter providing a new solution for kits for the serum and essential oils market.

Just the right number of drops

New born on the monodose market, this mini drop counter provides a perfect solution when a precise dosage or application is required: whether sold to be part of a portable kit, included with boxed care products, or as product sample.

To use the « Minidrip », simply undo the stopper, squeeze the rubber bulb to remove the air, release the bulb to draw in the exact dosage, and then gently press the syringe bulb to release the product.

For standard solutions, plastic or glass phials are available from 40 to 47mm in height, containing from 1.5 to 2ml up to 4ml.
The stopper is in PE as well as the collar and the tube of the syringe. The rubber bulb comes in black, white or natural colours.

Bioplan, which always positions itself as a provider of global solutions, can supply the Minidrip in a case, fixed into a card, or in a bag.