Mario De Luigi, Biokolor Make-Up

Mario De Luigi, Biokolor Make-Up

Mario De Luigi, one of the founders, comments for Premium Beauty News the latest news about this company that appealed to cosmetics brands like with make-up formulas incorporating a high level of skincare, smooth powders, mascaras with intense brightness and colours, lipsticks where comfort is as important as matteness and colour variety, comfortable and smooth glosses… All of this with a total self-funding of investments, both in research and development and in terms of industrial tools.

Premium Beauty News - Ten years already?

Mario De Luigi - Yes already! Time just flies! It is hard to imagine that at the time, we started business, about ten kilometres from here in a tiny workshop with a team of four people, making foundations and emulsions. It’s at the same time a very short and very long period. But the result is there. Thanks to our efforts, Biokolor Make-Up has earned a reputation in the field of creation and production of formulations for the cosmetic industry. Not many secrets to achieve this but a lot of work, creativity, concern for quality, (whatever the quantities), novelty in formulas and flexibility regarding market demands.

Premium Beauty News - In spite of the crisis?

Mario De Luigi - Well, I might surprise you, but so to speak we didn’t feel its effects. This is probably a sign of our good health. Our sales remained unchanged in 2009 compared to 2008, and 2010 has begun very well.

Premium Beauty News - In 2010 you will participate in two major events: Cosmoprof Bologna and MakeUp in Paris. What will be the highlights?

Mario De Luigi - The main highlights will be new types of emulsions, new types of powders with new textures. What characterizes probably best Biokolor Make-Up is the high level of research involved in product development. The mascara activity also benefits a lot from this, which allows us to offer ranges appealing to our customers because of their intensity in colours, brightness and natural look. We also always have had the will to introduce in our recipes formulas incorporating a high level of skincare.

Regarding Cosmoprof Bologna, we will showcase a lot of novelties in emulsion, but also very nice surprises concerning powders and skincare under the functional but also visual aspects.

As for MakeUp in Paris, it’s a brand new concept of Business to Business event where we will really be in a position to “stage” our know-how. It’s really innovative and we are currently figuring out the best way to stage our products.

Premium Beauty News - Environment, eco-certification, development of natural products are part of your research and developments universe.

Mario De Luigi - That’s right! We have always believed in that! For over five years, we have been working on organic products, especially on fully plant-based products and we currently have a wide range of certified products. Undoubtedly one of the largest existing on the market. There is a team working daily on these topics at Treviglio.

In this area, we will present specific lines where new technologies have been applied to improve sensoriality making these natural products even more comparable with performances of high end perfumery products.

Premium Beauty News - Skincare is also a developing area at Biokolor Make-Up!

Mario De Luigi - We have just put the finishing touches to a series of products called "no surgery". Very effective products for wrinkles and for a fresh facial skin tone. And of course, we are also developing organic and eco certified products. Today at Biokolor Make-Up, skincare and make-up are addressed the same way.