David Bondi, President of ITEC France

David Bondi, President of ITEC France

Premium Beauty News - Your show will open in a few weeks. What are its main assets this year?

David Bondi - Despite difficult economic times, we have very high expectations for our show this year. More than 650 companies chose to exhibit and visitors’ pre-registrations increased by 10%. Just remember that we welcomed more tan 19,000 visitors last year, which means that our show is one of the most important of the health and beauty industry in Europe. Actually, we are the leading European event of ‘Full-Service’.

Premium Beauty News - What is the breakthrough by companies within the health and beauty segment?

David Bondi - Broadly speaking, there are as many companies from the supply-side than manufacturers of finished products. The number of exhibitors in the first category has slightly decreased, but by around 30 companies only. On the contrary, exhibitors increased strongly in the “organic” section of the show, a rise of more than 50%, which is consistent with the surge of this new market segment.

Premium Beauty News - Since the beginning of the show, workshops and conferences have been a strong asset for Beyond Beauty Paris.

David Bondi - Actually, our show is probably the leading place in Europe where this kind of networking really works. Such a success has a general impact on the entire show-floor.

We have a heavy schedule of workshops and conferences. I would advice interested people to have a look at our website to make their choice. All hot issues are dealt with, and in particular the parabens and their place in the preservation of cosmetics, with latest questions and answers on this matter.

This year, Beyond Beauty Paris also proposes, in parallel to the Creative part of the show, a great event on cosmetic packaging and its evolutions: the Cosmetic Packaging Summit. On October 8, the day will be devoted entirely to environment-friendly packaging solutions specific to the cosmetic sector. What are these solutions and how to define them (biodegradable, recyclable, refillable…)? What European regulations and standards are applicable? The aim of the Cosmetic Packaging Summit is to clarify all these issues, thanks to contributions from the main actors of the sector: manufacturers, institutions, observers, brands, who will bring and share their experience, initiatives and insights.

Premium Beauty News - Are expecting many visitors from abroad this year?

David Bondi - As usual! Paris is a very attractive place for foreign professionals in the health and beauty industry and, to come back to pre-registrations, it is highly visible when 36% of them are from outside France.